Congressional Investigations and Subpoenas

Robert Heim, a former candidate for U.S. Congress, understands that the legal proceedings involved in congressional investigations are distinct from those in any other forum. Unlike investigations pursued by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice, congressional investigations are controlled directly by the majority political party. Congressional committees also have been known to conduct their inquiries in public and to leverage press coverage and social media exposure to their advantage.

Congressional investigations can also lead to regulatory or criminal investigations by the Department of Justice for unlawful conduct or for lying to Congress. Robert can work with clients to mitigate these additional risks.

Robert can advise companies and individuals on how to respond to congressional inquiries or subpoenas, negotiate the scope of congressional document requests, prepare witnesses for congressional testimony and interact with the investigating committees. As an experienced commentator on television and in print media Robert can also help clients manage the full range of legal and public relations considerations that arise in congressional investigations.

If you have received a congressional subpoena, or other congressional request for documents or information, contact Robert to confidentially discuss your options.